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Mary Chubb, B.A, (Hons), Accredited Member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

T: 07834532476 E: marychubbcounselling@gmail.com

There are times in our lives when we could do with some extra support, someone alongside to help us make sense of where we are and how we can move forward.  I offer an opportunity to take time out of your everyday life to share your feelings and problems with someone who isn’t involved in the rest of your world, doesn’t know your family or friends and has no expectations of you. I provide a safe and confidential space where you may speak openly, without fear of judgement, and be accepted just as you are.

For some it is a traumatic event that brings them to seek counselling while for others it may be a sense of dissatisfaction with life. Whatever the reason you are reading this, recognising that you would like to feel differently is the first step towards change.   

Often our thoughts and feelings become clearer and less of a burden when we can share them.  Hearing ourselves speak them out loud can help us recognise beliefs about ourselves and patterns of behaviour learnt as children that are unhelpful and destructive in our lives today. Gaining insight and awareness can help us make more healthy choices and the way forward easier to find.

In the first session we would look at what is happening for you at present and I would aim to get a picture of your life including your physical and emotional well-being. We would then look at how we might work together and what you would like to happen as a result.